What is an obolus?

An obolus is a little silver coin. In ancient Greece it was commonly placed under the tongues of the dead so that they could pay Charon to be ferried across the river Styx to the underworld. The word is still used in French (donner, verser son obole) and in German (seinen Obolus leisten) — if you “pay your obolus” you are making a modest contribution towards something.  The Obolus Press hopes to render a small service to literature by bringing the works of defunct French and German authors to English readers.

Where can I buy Obolus Press books?

You may find Obolus Press titles listed on Amazon, but they are often out of stock or overpriced. To avoid this frustration, why not buy a digital copy right here? Look for the “Download Now” button at the top of each book’s page.

If you would like a paper copy, you can buy one from Aerio (US and Canada), Blackwell’s (UK), and the Book Depository (rest of the world).

The Obolus Press is distributed by Ingram in North America and Gardners in the UK. Titles are also available through the Alibris For Libraries program.

Who and where are you?

The Obolus Press is a one-man show, operated from the enclosed summer kitchen of a slightly ramshackle house in Newmarket, Canada. For a more on the origins of the press, visit the blog.

Do you receive government grants?

The Obolus Press has never asked for, nor received, any external funding or tax credits. It relies entirely on sales  — to beautiful people of discerning taste and profound erudition.

If you are a Canadian publisher, why are your prices in US dollars?

Books are often printed in and shipped from the United States, so prices are set in the same currency to limit foreign exchange risk.

Are you accepting submissions?

The Obolus Press only works with authors who have been dead for at least 70 years. If you can read this, you’re out of luck.