I have been trying to decide how to handle the photographs in my (long-delayed) translation of Hans Ostwald’s Moral History of the Inflation.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, photos taken before 1948 are in the public domain in Canada. If I were to print and ship every copy of the book from here, I would be able to include the original images without any concern.

The problem is that I have come to rely heavily on American and British distributors. Could some dormant copyright holders awaken and give my business partners grief for printing or carrying the title, clamoring for a fee on the grounds that they own the local rights to some of the pictures? In this litigious age one cannot be too careful.

My solution has been to register the Canadian domain weimar.ca, where I plan to post low resolution copies of the photographs from Ostwald’s book. The paperback translation will include a note, sending readers who wish to see the illustrations to this new, stand-alone web site.

Those who would like to have a copy of the translation with all of the images included will be able to purchase a hi-res, limited-edition hardcover (size of the print run still to be determined) directly from the Obolus Press web site.

I’ll post a note here when I begin to upload the images to weimar.ca

The money supply in Canada. If I weren’t posting pictures from Weimar Republic, I would put this chart up on weimar.ca