Henri Le Sidaner in London

Camille Mauclair, Henri Le Sidaner (Newmarket: Obolus Press, 2019), pp. 46-47:

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral rises above the mists and against the pale sun like a giant balloon. The silhouettes of statues and trees in Trafalgar Square are outlined in a misty evening when the lamps have just been lit. The noble front of Hampton Court Palace appears purplish-red, and the trimmed rectangular gardens evoke Versailles, damp with a humidity that makes the vermillion and greens hum. Not since Claude Monet, who painted some of his greatest works in London, has an artist seen the British capital with such originality.

Henri Le Sidaner, St. Pauls from the River — Morning Sun (1908)
Henri Le Sidaner, Trafalgar Square (1908)
Henri Le Sidaner, The Great Gate at Hampton Court (1908)
Henri Le Sidaner, Hampton Court — Summer Morning (1908)