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Maurice Utrillo
by Gustave Coquiot

PDF e-book, only available hereFacsimile edition, 82 pagesRead on any computer.Searchable text. DRM-free.Sold via PayHip / PayPalClick to read a preview Download Now for $9.99 USD Turn off…

Henri Le Sidaner
by Camille Mauclair

This is the only contemporary biography of the French painter Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939). Camille Mauclair discusses the artist’s youth, influences, technique, choice of subjects, as well as his particular fondness for the village of Gerberoy. ISBN 9780981178035 / ISBN 9780981178066

Memoirs of a Booklegger
by Jack Kahane

Jack Kahane, founder of the Obelisk Press in Paris, Memoirs of a Booklegger, download PDF for $3.99, ISBN 9780981178011

Five Days in Brussels with Charles Baudelaire
by Georges Barral

Georges Barral, Five Days in Brussels with Charles Baudelaire, paperback, $17.50, ISBN 9780981178004