The Obolus Press Publisher of esoteric and previously untranslated books


Where can I buy Obolus Press books?

Obolus Press titles are distributed by Ingram in North America and Gardners in the United Kingdom but are likely too obscure to be kept in stock by mainstream booksellers. The easiest way to obtain an Obolus book is to place an order with your local Amazon web site such as,, or

What does the Latin tag mean?

The Obolus Press motto comes from Horace's Satires (1.10):

neque te ut miretur turba labores,
contentus paucis lectoribus

Do not seek to be praised by the vulgar crew
Be content to be read by the noble few

What is an obolus?

An obolus is a small silver coin. In ancient Greece it was commonly placed under the tongue of the deceased so that he or she could pay Charon and be ferried across the river Styx. The word is still used in French (donner, verser son obole) and in German (seinen Obolus leisten) -- to "pay one's obolus" means to make a small contribution towards something.

Are you accepting submissions?

The Obolus Press only works with authors who have been dead for at least fifty years. If you can read this, you're out of luck.